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AppEasy - Easy iPhone, iPad, Android App and Game Development

Why choose AppEasy?

HTML-like Mark-up

Easy to understand but powerful HTML-like Mark-up called XOML, ideal for HTML developers, C# developers that are used to XAML and Adobe Flex developers that are used to MXML

Code behind with Lua and / or C++

Power your mark-up with powerful Lua and C++ API's that provide everything from animation and audio to ads and in-app purchasing.

Native speed

Direct access to full XOML DOM from C++ and thin Lua API layer providing maximum speed.

Free and open source

The entire C++ code base for the AppEasy SDK Core engine is available free and open source under the MIT license

Develop, test and sign on PC

Built in project manager provides desktop simulation, direct install to Android and iOS (iOS via iTunes) and sign your iOS app directly on Windows.

Cross platform

Target iOS, Android and Windows desktop from the AppEasy project manager. Target many more platforms from the AppEasy Core C++ SDK in conjunction with the Marmalade SDK

Compatible with the Goji Editor

100% compatible with the Goji editor game and app IDE, providing a complete IDE solution for developing apps with AppEasy.

Build anything

With a wide range of features build anything from games and business apps, to e-books and educational apps.

Ultra fast development

Using a combination of XOML, code behind (either C++ or Lua) and desktop simulation, create products at record speeds.Puzzle Friends, one of the first games to be developed using XOML and code-behind took just 3 days to create.

Where do I sign-up?

You can sign up by visiting our sign-up page

Need more information?

You can find out more information about AppEasy by reading the What is AppEasy article, which provides more background information on what our system is and can do. You can also find additional information, tutorials, examples and XOML / Lua API reference materials.

Where do I get help?

Visit our community forum for help and support.